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A focus on Santé Active Edition: specialists in medical and scientific communication for professionals and the general public

Santé Active Edition – Scientific and Medical Communication

October 27, 2023

What services do our medical writing team provide?

Medical and scientific communication

In healthcare, communication is essential at many levels. Sharing the results of fundamental, pre-clinical or clinical research with the scientific community is key for promoting research projects and results, advancing science, and creating collaborations. Disseminating knowledge within medical teams, and to patients and the general public, is also important to keep everyone informed.

Our team members also have experience in lay medical writing and can assist clients to:

Editorial assistance

For example, our medical writing team can assist you with:

Project coordination

How does Santé Active Edition support its customers?

  • Our experienced medical writers produce a variety of scientific and medical communications, adapting the language to the target audience.
  • Our rigorous and vigilant approach includes a critical review of source data and a fresh look at the research results being reported. Our internal quality control procedures help to avoid errors.
  • Manuscripts intended for publication are written according to the latest official recommendations, adapted according to the type of study being reported and the type of publication (scientific article, systematic review, etc.). All articles are reviewed by a native English medical writer to ensure they meet the requirements of peer-reviewed journals.
  • To support you from A to Z, our medical and scientific communication agency can collaborate with its network of experts: hospital physicians, biostatisticians, translators/editors, graphic designers, printers, etc. as needed.
  • Confidentiality agreements are signed prior to the start of each project.
  • Finally, the stability of our team allows us to establish long-term and trusting relationships with our clients, ensuring the long-term follow-up of projects when required.