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Our scientific and medical writers are committed to a program of continued professional development with the AMWA (American Medical Writing Association) and the EMWA (European Medical Writers Association), keeping their knowledge up-to-date across all the different areas of medical and regulatory writing practice (Good Clinical Practice, ethical considerations in clinical trials, European Directives for clinical trials, and preparation of Common Technical Documents [CTDs] and other regulatory documents for drugs and medical devices, as well as statistics, graphical presentation of data, etc.).

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We also work with our own network of medical experts, who are leaders in their field (cardiology, oncology, endocrinology, ENT, nutrition, rheumatology, pulmonology, allergy, pediatrics, etc.) and who bring with them their extensive medical expertise.

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Marielle Romet directrice et rédactrice médicale et scientifique

Marielle ROMET, PhD

CEO and Senior Scientific and Medical Writer

Marielle Romet is the managing director of the Santé Active Edition – Synergy Pharm group. She has a PhD in biochemistry and after starting her career as a researcher at Inserm, she then moved into journalism and on to medical communication. Marielle has been the head of Santé Active Edition, a company specializing in writing medico-marketing documents, since 2003. She took over Synergy Pharm in 2009, extending her company’s activities into the regulatory and clinical fields. In 2016, she sought to develop the group internationally and created a subsidiary in the United States. Marielle has worked as a medical writer for 20 years and has extensive experience in writing scientific and biomedical articles, as well as regulatory and clinical documentation.

Cécile Desjobert-Houitte rédactrice médicale et scientifique


Scientific and Medical Writer

After completing her PhD in biological and medical sciences and having worked for more than 10 years in fundamental research, Cécile has been involved in writing scientific and medical documents since 2015. Her areas of expertise include oncology, microbiology, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, genetics, and dermo-cosmetics.

Françoise Nourrit-Poirette rédactrice médicale et scientifique


Senior Scientific and Medical Writer and Editor

After completing her PhD in Genetics at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, followed by a university degree in innovation management and a Masters in Scientific Communication at Imperial College London, Françoise is now responsible for the production of medico-marketing documents at Santé Active Edition. With 20 years of experience, she has published many scientific articles, symposium reports and popular science documents (patient magazines, interviews and sketchnotes). Since 2013, she has participated in the writing of five multidisciplinary books.

Emma Pilling rédactrice médicale et scientifique


Senior Scientific and Medical Writer and Editor

Emma has a PhD in biochemistry and has been working as a scientific and medical writer and language editor since 2004. Emma is a native English speaker with a real know-how for writing, translating and editing a wide range of documents (including scientific and medical research papers, review articles, abstracts, letters to editors, responses to reviewers, grant proposals, regulatory documents, posters and conference proceedings), developed through more than 15 years of experience in this field.

Laurence Rous rédactrice médicale et scientifique

Laurence ROUS, PhD

Scientific and Medical Writer

Laurence has a PhD in immunology and has been working as a scientific and medical writer since 2014. She has already written numerous regulatory and medico-marketing documents in various therapeutic areas: cancer, pain, vaccines, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, surgery, transplantation, psychiatric disorders, gastroenterology, nutrition, gynecology, dermatology, cosmetics, etc.

Céline Zimmer rédactrice médicale et scientifique

Céline ZIMMER, PhD

Scientific and Medical Writer

Céline has a PhD in biology and has worked as researcher in London and Marseille in the fields of developmental neurobiology and brain plasticity in adults. After obtaining a certificate in medical writing from the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA), she joined Synergy Pharm as a scientific and medical writer in 2013. Céline has a wealth of experience in the regulatory field, particularly in writing Modules 2.5 and 2.7, answers to regulatory questions and requests for scientific advice, either for new drugs or for drugs with well-established use. Céline has gained extensive expertise in various therapeutic areas, most notably in the fields of infectious and tropical diseases, and has also written a range of critical reviews of the literature and articles from clinical and scientific studies.

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