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Assistance in the preparation of medical or scientific articles

Proofreading of your medical or scientific article by our team gives you the opportunity of having your work reviewed by skilled and experienced writers who can take a fresh look at your project and provide input from an external prospective. Our clients benefit from our expertise in amending, editing, and proposing alternative approaches to describing and presenting their research in medical articles.

We offer a flexible range of medical writing solutions, including a three-tier proofreading service to meet your individual needs whatever the state of progress of your project:

  • Basic proofreading: checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation, missed words, abbreviations, etc.
  • Advanced proofreading: compliance with instructions to authors and formatting of the article in accordance with editorial standards, as well as proofreading for syntax and style.
  • Expert proofreading: reorganization and remodeling of the text, rewriting and summarizing sections of the manuscript, and verification of figures, tables, and references.

Depending on your specific requirements, our health communication agency also offers various “à la carte” services:

  • Our language editing service: Certified proofreading by native French, English, German or Spanish speakers is essential for some projects. Our language editing service will help you avoid having peer reviewers comment on the quality of the language in your article, and help you to present your research clearly to the widest possible audience.
  • Our referencing option: Even with referencing software, creating bibliographies and inserting citations can be a complex and time-consuming process. We can verify that references cited in your text match those listed in your bibliography, and check the accuracy of the sources. This option is included in our “expert proofreading” service.
  • Our sourcing option: When extra precision is needed, we can direct you straight to the source of any information included in your text, either by highlighting the quotation in the source material or indicating the paragraph and page concerned in the source document.
  • Response to reviewers: We can prepare a point-by-point response letter to reviewers’ comments on your article, and make the corresponding changes to your manuscript within the timeframe imposed by the journal.
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