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International Translation Day

Journée Internationale Traduction

September 30, 2021

Translation consists of the conversion and transposition of a text from one language to another; a process that cannot be carried out on a “word–for–word” basis! Indeed, every language has its own characteristics and expressions. In addition, the richness of each language means that a single source term can correspond to multiple terms in the target language. Language culture and subject mastery are also important in ensuring that a translated text is well understood by its audience. A translator is therefore generally specialized in a field (health, physical sciences, economics, etc.) in order to master subject-specific jargon. Thus, to produce high-quality documents, translators need to master both the source language and the target language, have extensive knowledge of the subject matter, and have the passion and ability to write well.

We can assist you in the translation of your scientific or medical article, your regulatory or clinical document, or other health-related text, using a language style adapted to your target audience. Indeed, we also have experience in lay medical writing for communication with the general public.

Thanks to a team of native-language health specialists, our scientific and medical translation agency offers a reliable translation service, providing high quality English, German, Spanish and French translations, regardless of the direction of translation needed.