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World Diabetes Day 2022

The World Diabetes Day logo: a global symbol for diabetes awareness

November 14, 2022

Diabetes: a major global health issue

Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus) is a chronic metabolic disease characterized by high levels of glucose in the blood due to deficient production of insulin by the pancreas or ineffective tissue responses to insulin.

Diabetes is associated with an increased risk of a range of health complications (including cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, retinopathy, and peripheral neuropathy). It is a major financial burden for healthcare systems and caused around 6.7 million deaths worldwide in 2021. Early diagnosis, rapid treatment, and access to ongoing care and management support are essential for preventing complications, and improving the outcomes and quality of life of patients.

Word Diabetes Day

The expertise of Santé Active Edition Synergy Pharm

Working with clients, such as MSD France and Observia, our health communication agency has participated in several projects in the field of diabetes care. Most recently, our medical writing team has assisted in the publication of two articles focusing on tools aimed at optimizing patient management and treatment adherence:

Our other medical writing projects in the field have included articles on:

  • Pharmacy-led initiatives
  • Studies of available treatments