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Pink October 2023

Ruban rose, symbole d'Octobre rose. Pink ribbon, the symbol for Pink October

September 29, 2023

The best defense against breast cancer: early detection

Pink October events

As the color pink was chosen as the international symbol for the fight against breast cancer, monuments around the world are adorned with pink on the occasion of this annual campaign, and many people wear the pink ribbon to show their support and commitment to the fight against this disease.

During Pink October, many sporting events, auctions, collections and other events are organized to raise funds for medical and scientific research, and for associations that help and support people with cancer. Free screening campaigns are also offered across France and in other countries.

Check your local news to find out how to participate in events near you.

Management of dermatological side effects of cancer treatments

Indeed, treatments against breast cancer (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, etc.) very frequently cause dermatological adverse effects, due to disruption of the skin barrier. Dermatological and dermocosmetic support can be beneficial for many patients, improving not only their skin symptoms and pain, but also their quality of life and psychological well-being.

  • The provision of information tools on dermatological toxicities and their treatments, intended for patients who have received anti-cancer treatments and health professionals.
  • The development of new dermocosmetic products that specifically meet the needs of these patients.
  • The proposal of thermal cures and dedicated dermocosmetic advice workshops for the follow-up of anticancer treatment.