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French “Week Against Cancer” 2022

Xerosis anticancer treatments

March 14, 2022

On the occasion of the national “Week Against Cancer” campaign in France, it is important to highlight research efforts aimed at reducing the side effects associated with cancer treatments.

Indeed, while the range of treatments available – used alone or in combination – are effective against cancer, they can have many side effects, particularly on the skin. Xerosis is one of the most frequent side effects of cancer therapy and requires appropriate management to help maintain patient quality of life and prevent potential interruptions to cancer treatment.

A recent multicenter, real-world, phase IV study demonstrated the benefits of using an emollient containing a postbiotic in the management of 319 patients with xerosis associated with a range of cancer treatments (chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiotherapy, hormonotherapy and immunotherapy).

A previous multicentre, real-world, phase IV study had already demonstrated the effectiveness of this emollient for the management of xerosis in 5,910 patients with a range of skin conditions (atopic dermatitis, senile xerosis, ichthyosis, psoriasis, prurigo nodularis of Hyde etc.) and underlying systemic conditions (diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease, renal insufficiency, etc.).

These two articles, published in Dermatology and Therapy and written by our medical writing team, can be found here: