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Marielle ROMET, PhD

Marielle Romet directrice et rédactrice médicale et scientifique

October 26, 2020

CEO and Senior Scientific and Medical Writer

Marielle Romet is the managing director of the Santé Active Edition – Synergy Pharm group. She has a PhD in biochemistry and after starting her career as a researcher at Inserm, she then moved into journalism and on to medical communication. Marielle has been the head of Santé Active Edition, a company specializing in writing medico-marketing documents, since 2003. She took over Synergy Pharm in 2009, extending her company’s activities into the regulatory and clinical fields. In 2016, she sought to develop the group internationally and created a subsidiary in the United States. Marielle has worked as a medical writer for 20 years and has extensive experience in writing scientific and biomedical articles, as well as regulatory and clinical documentation.