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Brain Awareness Week 2024

Brain Awareness Week

March 12, 2024

As every year, events for the general public are being held in around 100 countries to celebrate Brain Awareness Week. This year, events are taking place from March 11 to 17.

Members of the general public are invited to take part in a range of activities (meeting researchers, participating in workshops, attending conferences, etc.) to learn more about the brain and find out about advances in neuroscience research.

Neuroscience news at Santé Active Edition – Synergy Pharm

In 2023, our collaboration with the “Observatoire B2V des Mémoires” (B2V Memory Observatory) gave us the opportunity to investigate neuromyths (common misconceptions about brain function and learning) with Mathieu Hainselin.

Andréa Brioschi told us about the cognitive consequences of long COVID, which can affect about 30% of people for up to 3 to 12 months after COVID infection.

We also explored the prospective memory, which contributes to our creativity and decision-making, during an interview with Francis Eustache, and discussed the sources of “infantile amnesia” with Bérangère Guillery.

Find the articles from these interviews on the website of the “Observatoire B2V des Mémoires: