Depending on the state of progress of your project, 3 proofreading levels are offered:

/ Basic proofreading:

proofreading of spelling, missed words, abbreviations, etc.

/ Advanced proofreading:

compliance with instructions to authors, formatting of the article in accordance with editorial standards, syntax, and style

/ Expert proofreading:

reorganization and remodeling of the text, rewriting, abstract, check of figures and tables

For your specific requirements, we also offer various “à la carte” services:

/ Linguistic checking service:

certified proofreading by English or Spanish mother tongue translators/writers can be useful for some of your projects. It also allows a response to reviewers if there is a comment about the quality of the language of the article you have submitted to a journal.

/ Referencing option:

checking that references match their citations in the text, checking the accuracy of the reference. This option is included in the “expert proofreading” service. / Sourcing option: highlighting the quotation in the source or indicating the paragraph and page concerned in the source

/ Response to reviewers:

preparation of the point-by-point response letter to reviewers’ comments and changes to the manuscript within the timeframe imposed by the journal.