Regulatory and Clinical Documentation

Synergy Pharm USA:
a Contract Medical Writing Organization

The writing of your pharmaceutical documentation at Synergy Pharm is a guarantee of quality and rigor, but also of compliance with deadlines. Depending on your needs, you can entrust us with the writing of a wide range of regulatory and clinical documents for submission to national and international regulatory authorities, including:

All our documents are prepared to ICH standards and in accordance with your standard operating procedures (SOPs) following signature of a confidentiality agreement.

Our added value:

In writing your scientific documents, our critical eye as outsiders makes it possible to identify potential errors in the data or in their analysis, and to highlight these at the outset, thereby avoiding problems further down the line. In addition, quality control is undertaken by another writer in the team at each stage of the writing of your clinical and medical documentation.

Scientific and Medical Marketing Communication

Medical and Scientific Writing:
an Aid to Publication

Medical and scientific writing at Synergy Pharm – Santé Active Edition is a valuable aid in the preparation of articles to meet the publish-or-perish injunction. By employing our services, you benefit from our wide experience of preparing various scientific and medical marketing communication media. We can help in the dissemination of the results of your experimental, nonclinical and clinical studies by presenting them in different formats, depending on your requirements:

Scientific and Medical Information for the General Public

Experience with lay medical writing for communication with the general public

At Synergy Pharm-Santé Active Edition, we place our experience of lay medical writing at the service of your communication with patients, regardless of the medium chosen: website, prevention brochure, folder, institutional communication, patient magazine, general public health guide, etc. As experts in medical writing, we produce all types of medical and scientific documentation in a clear and accessible style. As a medical communication agency and a publishing house, we also offer you turnkey solutions for publishing your scientific documents in all their forms.

Contents of patient-focused websites

Prevention brochures, folders

Institutional/corporate communication

Patient magazines

Advice on coping better with one’s illness, patients’ stories and interviews with healthcare professionals, sections on “What’s new?”, “Useful contacts”, etc. One example: Mag patients familial amyloid polyneuropathy brochure.

Preparation of health guides for the general public

Major medical subjects; practical, complete and accessible texts, allowing patients and their family to manage their health better on a daily basis. Several titles on various topics (hypertension, back pain, vaccinations, woman’s health after 40, children’s nutrition, health on holiday, intestinal disorders, asthma, etc.) can be designed, laid out, illustrated, and published on request.

Multidisciplinary volumes

Collaboration with the scientific committee of the B2V Memory Observatory on several multidisciplinary volumes:

  • Mémoire et Oubli [Memory and Forgetting], Editions Le Pommier, 2014.
  • Les troubles de la mémoire, prévenir, accompagner. [Memory disorders: prevent, assist], Editions Le Pommier, 2015.
  • Mémoire et émotions [Memory and emotions], Editions Le Pommier, 2016.

Editorial Assistance Services

Editorial assistance:
an aid to medical writing and publication

As a specialist in medical and scientific writing, Synergy Pharm – Santé Active Edition offers you a number of accessory services in the writing and publication of your medical article, whether by simply revising a scientific article or by completely rewriting it. As a medical and scientific communication agency, Santé Active Edition also offers you scientific coordination and publishing services for your scientific documents.


/ Scientific coordination: communication with the authors, proofreading, rewriting.

/ Publishing of books, brochures, and scientific documents: in addition to writing scientific documents: in addition to writing scientific documents, we can also look after the layout and printing of your medical or scientific documentation.

Assistance with publication

Compliance of the manuscript with the instructions to authors for submission to peer-reviewed international journals, preparation of documents for submission, declaration of conflicts of interest, copyrights, drafting of the cover letter to the editor highlighting the value of the study.

Assistance in the preparation of medical or scientific articles

The revision of a scientific article that we offer will improve your chances of being published by providing clarity and rigor to the text and by complying with the rules for the preparation of manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals and with the recommendations for each type of study. Read more.


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